About Us

Our mission is to help you get into the best shape of your life. We believe that ANYONE can get healthy and fit with a regular program of exercise and good nutrition.  By being 100% donation center, we believe by giving fitness to the community; the community will respond.

Our Center

Our instructors are experienced, fun to work with, and are completely generous in their time and knowledge.  We are also a 100% judgment free zone.  Your level of fitness is perfect! 

Our center is located on the top floor which brings in lots of natural light during the winter, and we have two outdoor decks for our warmer weather workouts.  Whether we're watching the beautifully falling snow, overlooking the ski resorts for motivation, or doing sun salutations with the sunrise, we just love bringing the natural beauty of Park City into our fitness.    

Hope to see you soon!

What Makes Us Different?

 Cooperation, Commitment & Community.                  Our entire center is based on these three things. 

All of our instructors are here, cooperatively working together, by donation, to bring fitness to the entire community. Every class has a suggested donation amount, but our motto is "give what you can give today! Everyone is welcome!"

Each class becomes a community.  We encourage classmates to get to know each other, support each other, and share in lots of fun and laughter.  

 As for commitment, our commitment is to each other. No commitment to gym memberships or monthly passes, we just help each other stay committed to our goals. Cooperatively we are building our community and center. Each time you come, you're doing yourself good while doing good for others.

So integrate our classes as part of your daily wellness or drop in just when you need it as an add-on to your Park City lifestyle!  All are welcome here and we'd love to have you as a part of our community